LOVE AT FIRST SITE. Or TV spot. Or social media campaign begins with a process we call Chemistry. It starts with a spark and ends with a bond that science can’t replicate in a lab—a real, authentic consumer connection. And a client-agency partnership built on trust and transparency.

01 Spark

First things first, we get to know your brand. We ask questions. Talk to consumers. Evaluate competitors. Immersing ourselves in your brand until we uncover those unique insights that spark a genuine connection with your consumer.

02 Attraction

Next, we take an honest look at what makes your brand attractive. We’ll challenge current thinking. Expose a few flaws. It might even get awkward. But only when you dive deep into the soul of a brand can you discover a truly authentic, relevant, real brand position.

03 Connection

Attraction has aligned into Connection. Excitement is trending up. So are the big ideas. This is where we bring the insights and positioning together to lay the conceptual groundwork for a lasting relationship with your consumers.

04 Partnership

A concept has been consummated. Now it’s time to get intimate with the campaign details. We blow out the marketing plan, build out tactics and prep every nuance to introduce the campaign to the world.

05 Performance

Pop the champagne, we are live. But this isn’t a one-time fling for us. Using our comprehensive custom analytics dashboard called RADAR, we monitor campaign performance in real time, working in full transparency to evaluate, optimize and keep the consumer relationship fresh. Learn why our clients are feeling the RADAR love.


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