HubSpot CRM Your Swiss Army Knife

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Your HubSpot account is like a Swiss Army Knife. It has many features and capabilities that allow you to manage, maintain and scale your business.

How to Leverage Behavioral Data for Your Brand

Behavioral Data: How to Leverage It for Brand Marketing | Agency Creative

As the digital marketplace expands and evolves, many organizations are diving into the world of behavioral data targeting to better define and capture their target audience. Successful digital marketing means sharing your message with the right people at the right time. Thanks to new data-tracking capabilities, we can clearly define brand messaging and target audiences […]

Zigzag Along with Your Customer’s Journey

Today's Customer Journey is Complex - Agency Creative - Dallas Marketing Agency

Recently, I read that 82% of smartphone users research on their phones BEFORE purchasing in store. I was likely one of those people, reading that article on my own smartphone. The fact is that these devices we carry around have fundamentally changed the customer journey. Customers now engage with one another and consume information across […]

Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Customer Journey

Bitcoin Marketing - Dallas Advertising Agency - Dallas Marketing Agency - Ad Agency Dallas TX - Agency Creative

The financial news is buzzing with Bitcoin. Even mainstream media outlets have Bitcoin front and center. From world leaders discussing cryptocurrency at the World Economic Forum in Davos to speculators on Wall Street to millennials seduced by the possibility of making a buck (or a million) overnight, Bitcoin is all the rage. For me, this […]

Want Qualified Leads?
Solve Their Problems First.

Award-Winning Dallas Marketing and Advertising Agency | Agency Creative based in Dallas TX

The way people purchase has fundamentally changed. Now, when someone has a problem or pain point, they immediately pull up Google or voice assist to search for a solution. They look to blog posts for a deeper understanding, they research products, brands, reviews and prices. Not only are customers searching for their own answers, they are […]

Leveraging Hype to Boost Brand Marketing

The Last Jedi - Agency Creative

What is it we hear from clients constantly? “We want this to go viral.” While there is no silver bullet for making something go viral, you can, however, get the next best thing. With the digital pulse of society beating so strong these days, online topics constantly fill the headlines and are being shared and […]

Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies that Pay Off

Digital Healthcare Blog - Agency Creative based in Dallas TX

A wise man once observed, “If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” Change is good. And healthcare digital marketing strategies have seen a lot of change and transformation. In the last decade, healthcare professionals have seen major changes in the healthcare laws, healthcare costs and how a patient selects their physicians.

Does Generational Marketing Work?

Generational Marketing - Award-Winning Dallas Marketing and Advertising Agency | Agency Creative based in Dallas TX

First, there were the “Baby Boomers”––a generation that marketers have dissected, scrutinized and analyzed with an almost scientific precision. Then, there was the “Baby Bust.” These were those children born from 1964 to1980, what we eventually called “Generation X.” Next came “Gen Y,” those who were born between 1981 and 1994. These, we redubbed “Millennials”–– […]

Content Marketing 101

Content Marketing 101

What exactly is content marketing? Let’s start with what it’s not. It’s not a sales pitch. It’s not advertising. And it is just barely marketing.

What is the Best Content Marketing Platform for Your Business?

What's the Best Content Marketing Platform for your Business?

Part of any good content marketing initiative is a solid implementation strategy. If your business is looking for an efficient means of disseminating personalized content to customers and prospects, an automated content marketing platform can definitely come in handy. Depending on the size of your company, one of these platforms should be perfect for your […]