Pokémon GO Marketing for Businesses


The Millennial generation loves nostalgia. The sheer number of 80s- and 90s-themed parties and the non-stop remake of movies from their childhood feed that affection. And the most recent reinvention? Pokémon GO.

Based on the late 90s Japanese sensation for Game Boy, Pokémon GO takes the game’s signature capturing, training, battling, and trading Pokémon characters out of the console and into the real world. It’s one of the first true instances of augmented reality technology—and the harbinger of more cool stuff to come.

Pokémon GO had amazingly impressive stats right out of the gate. Within the first 24 hours, it was at the top of the app store listings. Days after release, it was installed on 10.8 percent of all Android devices in the U.S., and an even higher percentage in Australia and New Zealand. Today, it’s on more devices than the go-to dating app, Tinder.

Downloads are tracking at a rate of 4 million to 5 million a day in the U.S. alone.* Engagement is proving just as strong: more than 60 percent of people who downloaded the app are using it daily; and average usage was 43 minutes a day in early July.** Daily active users have surpassed Candy Crush Saga, Twitter and Google Maps.***


So Pokémon GO is a big, broad success. What does this mean for advertisers? Can they cash in on the phenomenon? Here’s a look at how businesses using Pokémon GO marketing are hitching a ride as Pokémon GO blasts off:

Outdoor Board Advertising
OutdoorboardAd copy

TV Advertising
TVAds copy

Street Signage
StreetSignage copy

Sidewalk Signage

Digital Advertising
digitalads copy

Special Events
specialevents copy

And of course, social media

The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to catching the Pokémon GO wave in advertising. Is Pokémon GO marketing right for your business?

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