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Integrated Marketing Capabilities
Traditional is our craft
We have a seasoned team of dedicated professionals who have ridden every significant wave that the ad industry has seen over the past 30 years. We built our careers with clutter-busting television commercials that overcame trigger-happy remote controllers, fast-forwarding VCRs and ad-skipping TiVos. We've designed eye-catching outdoor boards that were painted, paper, vinyl and now digital. Over the years we've designed clean, muscular logos that were simple, complex, and sometimes swooshy. We've written comprehensive media plans for TV networks, cable stations and now, Web-based HuluTM;. Over the years, we have learned not only to be flexible, but to be vigilant. We believe that traditional advertising still has a place in this increasingly digital world. And we believe we have the folks who still know how to leverage it for your brand.
Print Advertising
When the original caveman scratched his first, crude hieroglyphic onto the wall of his cave, the print ad was born. And we have been perfecting the ad unit ever since. Every member of the Agency Creative team knows the art of bringing the page to life. From newspaper advertising to magazine advertising to bus card to billboard. We combine sound strategic thinking, clever copy and eye-popping visuals to transmit targeted, passionate messages to corporate, retail and B2B audiences.
Tradeshow Marketing
Because we take branding seriously, we take trade show marketing seriously. We jealously guard the brand idea from the tiniest matchbook to the biggest trade exhibit. We have created giant dioramas, portable pop-ups, splashy sales films, traffic-stopping trade booths, brochures, buttons, badges–the works. And we understand that trade show marketing begins with the pre-show literature: promo ads, web blurbs, e-blasts, brochures, direct mail and more. All the pieces are tied to the brand look and strategy.
Everything is cohesive. Like, we said, we're passionate.

Digital is our passion
Agency Creative is a Web-surfing, link-clicking, Facebooking group of Tweeting fools. We drink in the Internet like a fine wine. We whiff its bouquet, roll it around on our palettes, then guzzle it down like drinking out of a fire hose. We know what’s hot. And what’s cool. We blog about the industry. We blog about life. We Bing our competitors and Google® our prospects. We BlackBerry® and iPhone® our clients, our vendors and our significant others saying we’ll be working late tonight. We observe the trends. We blaze the trails. We are more than experts in online media, we’re the end users. We can take your brand beyond where the Web is today. We can take it to where the Web is going tomorrow. We’re riding a rocket ship. Climb on.
Digital Marketing Strategy
Build it and they will come is a lousy way to plan for the launch of a website. That’s why we look at Web development and website design as an integrated endeavor based on integrated thinking. Every Web initiative starts with a thoroughly thought out Web plan. We audit the competition, we gather the keywords and we get to know your target inside out. We strategize before we optimize. We analyze the Meta data. We maximize the keywords. We are experts in SEO and SEM. We recognize that all search engines are not created equal. What rings Google®’s chimes, doesn’t always melt Bing®’s butter. What works with Yahoo! isn't always the answer for Ask®. We equip you with a full-blown strategy that establishes goals and measures performance. We make the Web work for your brand. And we make it work hard.
Website architecture
An effective website strategy is meaningless without meaningful website infrastructure. And a sturdy wireframe is nothing without a well thought out strategy. Building a user-friendly, SEO-friendly website takes thorough planning, an intuitive site map and detailed, strategic wireframes. The information architecture is foundational to an effective website design. We never swing a hammer until we see the blueprint. That’s why our websites are still standing when others totter.
Website design
Website design needs to be both functional and exceptional. It needs to be both strategically sound and transcendently magical. At Agency Creative we are passionate about striking that delicate balance. We review your competition’s websites. We analyze the market. We learn the target. We think about desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Then when all that is done, we deliver you a website that is SEO-friendly and user-smooth. But more than that, we create a website that exudes your brand essence. Our team of Web designers and information architects applies the principles of user experience design to deliver you the best possible site. One that makes your brand shine. We integrate our designs into your overall strategy for a comprehensive solution that can zig and zag with your brand’s ever-evolving challenges. It’s all about planning ahead. It’s all about passion.
Content writing
Great websites require great website copy. When writing online content, Agency Creative fires on all cylinders. We make sure that the message is clear, the copy sings and the keywords are always present but never forced. We optimize the Meta data. We maximize the message. We end every page with a call-to-action. And we cross-link with an abandon. The end result is SEO copywriting that merchandises, motivates and moves the needle.
Increasingly, the Web is a world of moving pictures and eye-catching graphics. To compete in the online playing field, video has become essential. We have developed interstitials, commercials, corporate sales films, documentaries and more. Our broadcast credentials run deep and we are resourceful in stretching your dollar. We develop the scripts, cast the talent and supervise the video shoots, editing, soup to nuts. Find out how our video finesse can increase your ROI, raise your profile and make your brand pop.
Web Banners
It’s a digital world. Interactive advertising is now the currency. Newspapers have gone online and that is where you will find your audience. That’s why today’s retail ad is not smeared across newsprint; it is flashing on computer screens and mobile phones. People are no longer clipping coupons, they are clicking them. Part of a successful Web initiative is an in-depth online media strategy. We can create online banners that geo target your customer and pursue them from one site to the next with our message. Plus, we have access to online metrics and tools so we can judge what is working and what isn’t for future placement. The result is Web banners that are not only clever and strategic; they are as nimble as Ninjas.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Want to improve your ranking on Google®? You’ve come to the right place. We can usher your brand up closer to the top with a little bit of knowhow and a whole lot of passion. Moving a brand up in organic ranking can double and triple your website traffic, sales and service opportunities. Our team can revamp your current website to make it run on all cylinders. Our staff understands how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to generating website traffic. We’ll make sure your site has a hard-working keyword list, smarter Meta data, thorough cross-linking and strategic content development that speaks effectively to the search bots as it does to your customers.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing (A.K.A. pay-per-click) can jump start your search engine ranking and supercharge your site traffic. Our team understands how important pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is to generating website visits and sales. In order to optimize results for both organic and paid traffic, we work with you to develop a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. It’s all part of our comprehensive Web plan. Then we track and measure your conversion metrics. Like the man said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” We design a PPC program starting with geographic targeting, network targeting and keyword clusters that help define both campaigns and targets. We target customers so that the ad content, keywords and landing pages work together. We know a smart campaign structure ensures that the keywords will drive traffic at the greatest ROI. SEM can give your brand new wings. We’ll help them flap.
Blog content
These days, every brand has a blog. But most of them are lying fallow. Audit yours. When was your last blog posting? If you are like many companies, you haven’t generated a post in weeks. Regular postings generate higher organic rankings, increased site traffic and greater customer loyalty. We can help. We can generate relevant blog content on a regular basis, keeping things fresh and helping you build relationships with your customers and prospects. Every blog article builds on your brand’s strategic foundation, connects with the customers and raises your rankings. Keep it fresh, keep it frequent and keep them coming back for more.
E-mail marketing
More and more snail-mail is being used less and less in B2B efforts. The e-blast is rapidly becoming the coin of the realm. But e-mail marketing is a science. Blast too often and you are banished to the junk-mail Siberia. Blast too infrequently and you lose the relationship. We can help you strike the right balance. Every e-mail blast we create is strategically sound, customer-centric, visually stimulating. The copy is bite-size and comes with a big hook that reels them into the splash page or website.

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