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The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council unites over 90 North Texas hospital and industry leaders to advance quality healthcare in the region. With over 45 years of collaboration and driven by elite members, they provide education sessions, networking opportunities and competitive intelligence.


Clostridium difficile, or C-diff, is a bacterial infection that is linked to the deaths of 20,000 Americans every year. To counter this issue, the DFW Hospital Council Foundation was awarded a federal contract to create awareness and develop outreach programs to educate consumers, physicians and healthcare workers in the DFW area about this vital public health issue.


To solve this problem, the campaign message needed to be easily understood. In order to help prevent the spread of infection, it really came down to a simple task: wash your hands with soap after you use the bathroom. Using this simple yet effective message platform, we developed a fully integrated healthcare marketing campaign, including a responsive website, to increase awareness of C-diff in North Texas and to alert healthcare workers, doctors and the general community what they could do to stop its spread.

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Healthcare Advertising - Agency Creative Dallas
  • Agency Creative has done a wonderful job of making our cause easy to grasp and even easier to fight.

    Patti Taylor DFW Hospital Council Foundation


The results were impressive: there was a 60% increase in the awareness of C-diff in the DFW community but more importantly, 76% of people who saw the campaign were motivated to change their habits of washing their hands with soap after using the bathroom. In addition, we garnered nearly 8,000,000 impressions within a two month span.

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Impressions across all media in two-month span

Increase in awareness of C-Diff
were motivated to change their habits

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