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Mayor Mike Rawlings, of the city of Dallas, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council (DFWHC) partnered with Agency Creative with a unique problem affecting the development of school-aged children. Students with young mothers or families of a lower socioeconomic backgrounds were entering North Texas school systems drastically behind their pupils. Many moms lacked the knowledge to properly support the developmental care newborns need, creating developmental delays and systemic problems once they reach school-age.

To combat the problem, DFWHC and Agency Creative joined forces to create a public awareness program highlighting the simple steps that can be taken to foster necessary brain development during a child’s first 12 months. The awareness program was designed to be fun, yet educational, with attractive visuals that could easily be understood, and stressed the importance of reading and engagement to lay a strong foundation at home.

Responsive Website After extensive research and testing with focus groups, Agency Creative launched the Growing Little Minds awareness campaign, which included a responsive bilingual website with information about newborn care, tips, videos, a hub for social content and community resources for new parents.

Promotion Collateral In-store posters and postcards were created to target new parents as they shopped in baby stores. Over 8,500 branded compressed towels were included in 52 North Texas hospital welcome packets given to new parents.

Bilingual Social Media Campaign The campaign sought to magnify the effectiveness of the program through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create a community for North Texan new mothers. Additionally, Agency Creative harnessed the power of community influencers to provide helpful tips and let parents connect and compare notes.

Media Coverage Public relations and media initiatives were also activated, in particular surrounding a press conference led by Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas, and Steve Love, President and CEO of DFWHC, announcing the Growing Little Minds initiative. Additionally, both English and Spanish TV/Radio outlets covered the campaign leading to heightened awareness of the initiative across North Texas.


We are always confident that Agency Creative will produce amazing work with great results.

Stephen Love, President & CEO of DFWHC

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