Court Case Management Software helps California Courts


Agency Creative, a premier Dallas marketing agency, is launching a new marketing initiative for longtime client, Tyler Technologies. This new strategic communication effort focuses on Odyssey, Tyler’s innovative court case management software. The initiative targets California state court officials and extols the virtues of the Tyler case management technology.

This new effort comes in the wake of California’s state-wide revenue shortfall and the recent decision to abandon a 10-year plan to develop proprietary case management technology.

“Odyssey’s court case management software is perfect for the needs of Californian courts,” explained Michael Kleiman, Director of Marketing, Tyler’s Courts & Justice Division, “This Odyssey software seamlessly and efficiently does more with less.”

The campaign includes targeted print ads, retargeted digital ads, blog content, pay per click, direct mail, and a dedicated microsite.

“Our longstanding partnership with Tyler enables the Agency Creative team to hit the ground running,” said Mark Wyatt, President of the Dallas-based advertising agency. “We were brought in early on to aid the executive team in uncovering effective marketing opportunities.”

Over the same decade that California court officials were exploring the ill-fated proprietary court case management system, Tyler was busy rolling out their Odyssey software in 450+ counties across the U.S.

“We want to do for California what we’ve successfully done for Nevada, Texas, Florida and a dozen other states,” said Bruce Graham, President of Tyler’s Courts & Justice Division. “Our CMS implementations are saving courts time and money and helping them better serve their constituents even while dealing with the most difficult budget challenges in a generation.”