Brand Marketing Initiative Energizes Dallas Learning Solutions


Brand Marketing News

Agency Creative, a top advertising agency in Dallas, is launching a new brand marketing initiative for Dallas Learning Solutions, a division of Dallas County Community College District.

The Dallas-based creator of interactive multimedia courseware works with community colleges and faculty across the country, delivering educational tools that engage today’s more diverse learner.

“Dallas Learning Solutions has spent the last couple of years revamping their multimedia courseware to appeal to today’s learner,” explained Mark Wyatt, President of Agency Creative. “Agency Creative is partnering with their marketing committee to make this new educational content engage students, faculty and administrators alike.”

The integrated marketing initiative includes strategic development, logo design, tagline, trade show graphics, direct mail, e-mail template, retargeting campaign, collateral, pay-per-click ads, landing pages and website design.

“The Agency Creative team has done an outstanding job uniting all of our constituencies and taking our brand to a fresh new place,” said Stacey Dowd, Manager of Academic Partnerships at Dallas Learning Solutions. “The new messaging says it all: Bringing lessons to life and life to lessons.”

The coordinated brand marketing effort will be fully rolled out for the fall semester of 2014.