Agency Creative launches DFWHC Foundation’s North Texas C-diff Awareness Campaign


Agency Creative has just launched a new integrated health awareness campaign for Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation (DFWHC Foundation).

The integrated multi-media campaign creates awareness of an infection called Clostridium Difficile that is rapidly spreading throughout the North Texas community. It is estimated that 1 in 5 North Texans may be carriers and some 20,000 Americans die from C-diff-related causes each year.

DFW Hospital Council Foundation tapped the Dallas-based agency because of their strategic acumen and unique awareness of the rise of C-diff infections. DFWHC Foundation is a Las Colinas-based healthcare association that partners with North Texas hospitals in a collaborative alliance to advocate with state and local governments and to inform the community on important health issues.

“Everybody thinks that sanitizing hand gel kills all germs,” said Patti Taylor, Director of Quality & Patient Safety, DFWHC Foundation. “It doesn’t. You need to wash your hands with soap and water to help combat C-diff infections.”

“The role of the TV campaign is to remind North Texans that we are all in this together and, at the very least, we can all do a better job of washing our hands,” explained Mark Wyatt, president and founder of Agency Creative. “The tagline is a memorable call-to-action: Everybody Scrub In.”

The campaign’s light-hearted TV commercial features North Texans asking each other whether they have washed their hands with soap. The close of the thirty-second television spot directs the viewer to where they can get more details about C-diff. In addition to the TV commercial and newly launched website, Agency Creative also developed a logo, tagline, healthcare facility posters, brochures, consumer poster, digital retargeting ads, digital outdoor, PR, social media and web video.

“Agency Creative has done a wonderful job of making this serious issue easy to grasp and even easier to fight,” said Taylor.

The C-diff campaign is being funded by a federal contract designed to improve community infection awareness, communicate infection prevention processes and educate healthcare facilities on disinfection best practices.

“It’s a great feeling when you develop a marketing campaign that will literally save lives,“ concluded Wyatt. “It’s an even better feeling when you can have some fun while you are doing it.”