Dallas Ad Agency Names Mike Scannell Its New President


We’re happy to announce the appointment of Mike Scannell to the role of agency president and chief digital officer.

Formerly the Dallas ad agency’s director of digital services, Mike will co-lead the Agency Creative team with founder and CEO Mark Wyatt.

The announcement comes as the agency experiences a banner year of incredible expansion and growth. Agency Creative, one of North Texas’ leading integrated branding agencies, is celebrating its 20th year in operation.

A certified Google Partner, Agency Creative has recently expanded its digital marketing service offerings among new and existing clients. Agency Creative offers a full range of branding and marketing services to a broad array of verticals including casual dining, technology, education, healthcare and financial services.

“It’s our good fortune to have such an extraordinarily capable partner as Mike ready to step in to what is a crucial leadership role,” said Agency Creative founder and CEO Mark Wyatt. “He has been an integral part of the growth of our company, and his leadership will be instrumental to the next chapter of our agency’s growth.”

Scannell joined Agency Creative in 2012 following a successful career in digital marketing and information technology working with such names as Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Samsung.

On the forefront of all things digital, Scannell has kept the agency’s clients up on emerging engagement trends, user experience best practices and digital platform capabilities. His insights into the effective use of digital data and other actionable metrics help ensure clients a solid return on their investment.

Since joining Agency Creative, Scannell has helped clients like Assist Wireless, a leading telecom provider, see an increase in website visitors by 86.61 percent year-over-year and online conversions increased by 85 percent. According to agency metrics, client Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation also enjoyed a successful launch of their C-diff awareness campaign: 98.6 percent reach in its television advertising and a 60 percent increase in public awareness

“I’m thrilled to be taking on a larger role in leading the Agency Creative team at this exciting time in our history,” said Scannell. “I personally plan to lead an agency-wide initiative to provide added value to our clients through innovations such as greater marketing automation, the benefits and impact of digital asset platforms and how to best optimize our clients’ marketing dollars.”

Founded in 1994 as The Wyatt Group, the award-winning Dallas ad agency was designed to be more than a traditional or a digital agency, but rather a holistic, business metrics-driven agency delivering integrated solutions that connect customers to products, services and ideas.