An instantly powerful new business win for Agency Creative


The Agency Creative team is excited to announce our recent new business win of Instant Power Corporation, manufacturer of Instant Power drain openers, sewer & septic products and more.

If you’ve ever been to the drain opener aisle at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Dollar General or your local grocery store, you’ve seen Instant Power products in their black, yellow or red bottles.

The Instant Power team tasked Agency Creative with building the Instant Power brand and driving consumers to retail. Ensuring that Instant Power stands out in the drain opener category “sea of sameness” is job one.

“The most exciting thing about partnering with Instant Power Corporation is that their products have a true point of difference in their formulation,” said Mark Wyatt, Founder & CEO of Agency Creative. “They really do work better, and it will be our job to effectively tell that brand story.”

Since the partnership began, we’ve already put Instant Power brand through our Chemistry process and unlocked a “seriously powerful” brand positioning. The new Instant Power website and digital campaign launched in mid-May, with a full rollout featuring social media and video debuting soon after. The new website can be viewed at

“It was clear from the start that Agency Creative possessed the kind of strategic thinking and digital experience that we need to grow the Instant Power brand with our consumer audience,” said Instant Power Corporation President Larry Siegel. “We’re very much looking forward to seeing the brand come to life in this new campaign.”

We’re equally excited about the campaign rollout and can’t wait to see the powerful results!