A New Social Campaign That Will Get You Confessing


We’re thrilled to launch our new social media campaign for Kylito’s Salsa. Through their new campaign, the truth about this homemade tasting goodness is getting out! In such a cluttered category, with little product differentiation, Agency Creative dug deeper into the brand to find a unique selling proposition.

This new campaign calls for people to come forth and tell the truth. To be honest to goodness, to admit what they’re hiding, and to share the good news. Enough of hiding the Kylito’s jar, it’s time for the truth to come out.

Through this direction, a slew of spin-off ideas came along with it, allowing us to create a campaign with many legs. All sorts of funny “little white lies” are being germinated – from lying to in-laws, colleagues, neighbors, and friends everyone is finding something to reveal. This campaign has induced a new sense of pride, and Kylito’s lovers are now starting to open up to share their truth – “Behind every great salsa, there’s Kylito’s.”

“We even created an anonymous landing page for people to tell us their stories. It’s crowdsourcing at its best. We wanted everyone who has ever served Kylito’s and claimed it as their own to share their story. We absolutely love them and their stories,” said Creative Director, Max Lefeld.


Kylito's Salsa


This month some of the shared confessions will make it out as ads themselves. “This is not some marketing gimmick taking the traditional advertising route and just claiming that their salsa is delicious. These are actual users. Kylito’s loyal fan base is finding a safe haven to tell their stories,” added Scott Schindele, Vice President of Client Services.

Hey – if you’ve secretly claimed Kylito’s as your own, we dare you to be honest! If you haven’t tried Kylito’s yet (you probably have but thought it was your co-worker’s family recipe), go ahead and give it a try! You’ll be pleasantly surprised and can start claiming it as your recipe, too! Be #honesttogoodness, and it’s okay if #truthisout.