MyLabsDirect Is Changing Everything About Lab Testing with Agency Creative


Agency Creative is pleased to be working alongside MyLabsDirect, a lab testing service that offers fast, 100% accurate lab testing at your home or office. With the goal of redefining lab testing, MyLabsDirect is looking to grow into several verticals that will provide better options for consumers, employees and patients. As COVID-19 lab testing surged earlier this year, MyLabsDirect quickly responded to launch a direct-to-consumer service that brings lab testing to your home or office. That said, the convenience of having the lab testing brought to you isn’t the only perk of this service. Because MyLabsDirect owns the lab, they can ensure 100% accurate COVID-19 results within 24 hours. As the demand for testing increases, the company’s geographic coverage will grow while expanding into other B2B and B2C verticals.

Agency Creative is charged with launching an integrated marketing campaign, while simultaneously developing the MyLabsDirect brand as an innovative, trusted leader in the lab testing space. “It’s exciting to partner with such an innovative company that is doing such important work for our community,” said Mark Wyatt, Founder & CEO of Agency Creative. “Developing this initial campaign has sparked so many ideas, and we’re eager to see how far we can take the brand.”

With a background in the medical field, MyLabsDirect owner Justin Simons understands the complexities of navigating health insurance and the need to develop more convenient options for patients, including cutting out insurance altogether so patients know exactly what they’re paying for. Based in Dallas, MyLabsDirect has already developed strong relationships in the community as a trusted resource for reliable, quick lab testing. Creating awareness and developing their brand message is where the Agency Creative team comes in.

“I knew we needed to get to market fast, and I needed an agency that had a track record for excellent branding and successful digital campaigns,” said Simons. “I met with Mark and Mike, and it was clear they really knew how to deliver an excellent strategy and go-to-market plan. Their expertise has already proven itself in the time I’ve worked with them, and I’m excited to see how Agency Creative will move our brand forward.”

We are excited to initiate this campaign and develop a brand around MyLabsDirect that truly speaks to the great quality of services they offer!