A New Website with a Powerful “Kick”


Agency Creative is excited to announce the recent launch of a new website for The Colgin Companies’ Liquid Smoke brand. The new site features a strong attitude and a visual “kick” that mirrors the company’s impressive family of products.

Colgin had tasked Agency Creative with building their brand and driving consumers to shop for their products online. Ensuring the brand stood out in the “sea of sameness” in the liquid smoke category was job #1. We also wanted to incorporate a call-to-action directly into the URL to prompt consumer response.

The new website can be viewed here: https://buyliquidsmoke.com/

Liquid Smoke: New Website with a Powerful Kick | Dallas Ad Agency News

“The most exciting thing about partnering with Colgin is that their Liquid Smoke brand has a true point of difference in their formulation,” said Scott Schindele, Vice President Client Services at Agency Creative. “Our job was to effectively tell that story in a highly visual manner so as to strike an emotional chord with our consumer audience.”

We’re excited to see how the new site will drive business results for Colgin. Stay tuned!