Dallas Advertising Agency Shoots Three New Television Commercials for Assist Wireless


Assist Wireless has been expanding their Oklahoma locations to distribute free phones as part of the Government’s Lifeline Program. The Agency Creative team interviewed store managers to get a deeper insight into the brand’s cash-strapped target. Soon, the Assist Wireless advantage became apparent. Stores meant something: more options, better service and a place to bring your questions. See the new Television commercials.

Television Commercials

1st Television Commercial To get the word out to Oklahoma residents who qualify for the free cell phone program, we enlisted the help of director Luke Coffee at Dallas’ Coffee Productions. The first 30-second spot does a side-by-side value comparison between a free cell phone from Assist Wireless and one from “a truck.”

2nd Commercial The second television commercial in the series compares a free cell phone from an Assist Wireless store and one from “a tent.”

3rd Commercial The third television commercical in the series contrasts the advantages of getting your free cell phone from a nearby Assist Wireless store with the obvious disadvantages of getting one from an on-the-street salesman.