SMI & DRS Team Up with Agency Creative


Agency Creative has recently partnered with SMI and DRS for the chief purpose of repositioning these two sister companies under one cohesive “umbrella” brand. Historically focused on the retail sector with a large roster of well-respected, long-standing clients, SMI (Solutions Management Inc.) provides interior and exterior maintenance services and DRS (Disaster Recovery Services) emergency and disaster relief services. SMI and DRS also have a strong focus on socially responsible initiatives designed to help people in need as well as protect the environment.

Before approaching Agency Creative, SMI and DRS had a need to update their brand messaging for some time, but this need was further accelerated by the pandemic and the resulting upheaval in the retail industry. In response, SMI and DRS have quickly shifted their business strategy to broaden their focus to other industry categories with multi-site facilities operations. SMI and DRS have commissioned Agency Creative to develop a new message and campaign effort that aligns to their new business strategy and provides a clear point of differentiation in the market. The focal point includes recognizing their growing commitment to making social good part of their DNA.

“From the beginning, we were impressed with Agency Creative’s strategic thinking and brand development expertise,” said Robyn Butler, CFO. “We felt they were exactly who we needed to differentiate our brand and grow our business. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the brand come to life in new and powerful ways.”

In addition to repositioning, Agency Creative will create a new brand platform and an integrated marketing/communications effort to target new categories that operate as essential businesses including, but not limited to, healthcare, education, grocery, and more. “We’re excited to partner with such a respected organization that clearly cares about people, not just profits,” said Scott Schindele, Account Director. “They have a tremendous offering, and we’re looking forward to bringing it forward to new industry categories as well as to the retail sector.”