Chelsea Clawson

Account Executive


Chelsea has a very diverse background in account service and digital marketing. But what she’s best at is thinking outside the box when it comes to creativity and problem solving. She’s at her best when she’s working with clients to help them understand the big picture, purpose and value behind a comprehensive marketing strategy – making her the ultimate digital account executive.

Chelsea’s held various marketing roles in the automotive, education, technology and medical industries with companies spanning from Ohio to Florida to Texas. Her passion is helping her clients be prepared for anything, which makes sense, because there’s nothing Chelsea isn’t ready to tackle head on.


Crafting and Painting
Doing Stitch Impressions
Saying Words Backwards
Saving her sis’ from drowning😱
Problem-solving/thinking quickly


Detailed Notes/Organization
Painting the Big Picture
Puns and Bad Jokes


Obsessing over my cats, Willow & Nugget
FaceTiming Mom & Dad
Planning my next meal (or snack!)
Attending concerts
Finding new adventures
Bringing an emergency mustache

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