Mark Wyatt

Founder & CEO


Mark is naturally curious – a trait that’s proven to be a real strength with clients. His curious nature compels him to thoroughly understand a brand, diving deep to uncover unique insights that build authentic connections. For over thirty years, Mark’s made it his mission to help brands succeed. His passion led him to the inevitable—opening his own shop—in 1994. Since then, Mark’s been assembling a cast of characters that are just as enthusiastic about making brands famous. Because to Mark, Agency Creative is more than an ad agency. We’re a true partner, taking emotional ownership of our brands and the success we accomplish together.


A keen eye
Understanding unmet needs
Aggravating his four daughters
Finding a stranger needing help
Long distance shooting


New business acquisition
Client Relations
Dropping everything to help someone


Wildlife management
Enjoying nature
Mission work for his church

brand marketing process

A Smarter Brand Marketing Process

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