A Smarter Brand Marketing Process


What’s the question I hear most from chief marketing officers? What is your brand marketing process? And as much as I would like to think our agency’s branding process is some mysterious, secret-handshake affair, the fact is, our Combustion brand marketing process is mostly common sense, hard work, thorough digging and the unique ability to look at the world a little differently. Bottom line, it’s a smarter way to market a brand.

This is what our brand marketing process looks like:

Combustion Brand Marketing Process

It starts with Discovery

This is essentially an audit of your brand, its customers, its competitors, the economic landscape and an understanding of any legal compliance bugaboos that impact your particular industry. Our team dives deep and then shares our findings as part of a half-day immersion with key stakeholders. The group immersion identifies business goals, strengths, threats and weaknesses and gives us the raw material from which we build the strategy.

Next comes Brand Insight

After our immersion session, our team distills the learning and arrives at a unique powerful brand insight. This usually takes a week or two, during which time we vet the insight and prepare our strategic plan.

Then, the Passionate Expression

Once we get strategic buy-in from all brand stakeholders, we begin creative development and go on the hunt for the big brand idea. This is where the fun begins. It’s about a three- to four-week process. We shake the trees, rattle the cages and listen to our collective muses. We bring forth the big idea, represented in a thorough range of tactics: logo, tagline, television spots, landing pages––whatever is relevant to the target market.

Next, Integration & Metrics

Once a creative approach has been selected, we integrate the branding idea into a variety of channels: TV, radio, outdoor, digital, experientially, point of sale, etc. We assign metrics, define success and make it happen.

Finally, Ignition

This is launch time. Not for the faint of heart. We methodically roll out our new branding campaign, sit back, monitor the results and tweak.

Like I said, it’s not rocket science––just lots of hard work with a dash of creative genius.

Proven results

The marketing world is constantly moving, impacted by a variety of legal, technological, sociological and behavioral shifts. But through it all, our branding process has served us and our clients very well. If you would like to see how this proprietary brand marketing process can help your business, give us a shout at 972.488.1660.

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