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Machine Learning in Healthcare Marketing is (Finally) Changing the Game

With more and more machine learning and AI-driven targeting tools entering the programmatic marketplace, the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace. In heavily regulated industries like healthcare, however, the evolution has been slower, as HIPAA and other privacy standards have made applying machine learning in healthcare marketing more challenging. A new programmatic media service is set to change all that, using ML in healthcare marketing to target audiences more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

Powered by a revolutionary HIPAA-compliant, privacy-first platform developed by AdTheorent, ELAVAITE™ from Agency Creative is delivering the kind of game-changing targeting intelligence and performance that healthcare marketers have long been waiting for.

The key to ELAVAITE’s success is the AdTheorent machine learning data-driven modeling engine that requires no cookies, sensitive user data, or personal IDs to generate high-quality targeting results. Instead, the platform aggregates health data from high-quality primary sources representing 300+ million patients and healthcare professionals to create statistical representations of target audiences. The machine learning engine then evaluates over 200 impression-specific signals to accurately deliver inventory only to audience sets that show the highest probability of success.

According to Mike Scannell, President and Chief Digital Officer of Agency Creative, the results have been nothing short of remarkable. “There has always been a certain amount of wasteful spending inherent with any traditional and digital marketing campaign targeting healthcare audiences,” said Scannell. “We’re seeing a 50% higher return on ad spend for clients using ELAVAITE’s machine learning for healthcare marketing solution, and we expect those numbers to improve as we continue to optimize campaigns.”

Redefining Efficiency Through AI for Healthcare Marketing
At the heart of ELAVAITE’s ad targeting and optimization methods are custom machine-learning models that use real-time data to predict future conversion. Evaluating over one million digital ad impressions per second, the AdTheorent platform “learns” over the course of each campaign, creating predictive scores. It then automatically determines bidding optimizations based on those scores to drive conversions and advertiser return on advertising spend (ROAS), bidding on less than .001 of the evaluated impressions.

This advanced intelligence enables healthcare marketers to deliver highly personalized and targeted experiences to patients, empowering marketers to identify and engage with the right audience segments, delivering the right message at exactly the right time. “The platform is delivering audience probability scores in the 90%+ range, which is an extraordinary number for any vertical, much less healthcare,” added Scannell. “We’re finally seeing ML in healthcare marketing live up to its potential.”

Key Areas Where Our AI for Healthcare Marketing is Changing the Game

Predictive Modeling

The machine learning engine developed by AdTheorent that powers ELAVAITE leverages predictive modeling techniques to analyze historical data and identify patterns that drive successful marketing campaigns. By understanding these patterns, the engine can predict patient behavior, preferences, and conversion likelihood, enabling marketers to target the right audience with the most relevant content.

Dynamic Creative Optimization
The engine dynamically tailors creative assets based on real-time data, delivering personalized experiences to patients. By analyzing variables such as demographics, location, and browsing behavior, the engine generates optimized creative variations that resonate with each individual, enhancing engagement and campaign effectiveness.

Real-Time Optimization
The AdTheorent platform, along with the ELAVAITE team at Agency Creative, continuously analyzes campaign performance and adjusts targeting parameters, bidding strategies, and creative elements in real time. This proactive optimization ensures that healthcare marketers maximize their ROAS.

Next-Level Audience Segmentation
The engine segments patient populations based on parameters such as demographics, health conditions, browsing behavior, and past interactions. This granular segmentation enables ELAVAITE to deliver tailored messaging that resonates with specific patient groups, boosting engagement and response rates.

Intelligent Behavioral Targeting
By analyzing real-time patient behavior data, the engine identifies patterns and preferences to determine the best time, platform, and format to reach patients when they are most likely to be receptive.

Cross-Channel Optimization
The engine optimizes healthcare marketing campaigns across various digital channels, including display advertising, video, mobile, CTV, and social media. By integrating data from multiple sources and channels, ELEVAITE enables marketers to maintain a consistent and personalized patient experience across touchpoints, strengthening brand awareness and loyalty.

Future-Proof Marketing Solution
Because ELAVAITE leverages targeting technology that requires no cookies or sensitive data, healthcare marketers are well-suited to succeed in a post-cookie environment. The platform is also equipped to leverage privacy-friendly unified IDs as they are adopted.

Elevating Machine Learning in Healthcare Marketing

Combining the power of the AdTheorent platform with the healthcare marketing experience of the Agency Creative team, ELAVAITE is empowering healthcare marketers with unparalleled insights and truly game-changing campaign performance.

“We’re beyond excited to offer this innovative—and truly disruptive—machine learning platform for our healthcare marketing clients,” says Scannell. “We can’t wait to roll out ELAVAITE’s intelligent digital media solutions to all our current and future healthcare clients.”