We make healthcare personal

At Agency Creative, we do more than build engaging marketing campaigns. We help doctors, hospitals and healthcare organizations connect with their audience in a genuine way.

We start by taking the time to understand their needs. And their patients. Then we use strategic insight to create authentic brand messaging at every touchpoint.

After all, patients are people. And people deserve a more unique, personalized approach to healthcare.

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DFW Hospital Council Foundation

A fully integrated healthcare marketing campaign, including a responsive website to increase awareness of C-diff in North Texas and to alert healthcare workers, doctors and the general community about what we can do could do to stop its spread. See Case Study »

Methodist Southlake ER

Methodist Southlake Hospital approached Agency Creative to help promote their ER and position the hospital as a pivotal healthcare provider for the community. See Case Study »

Growing Little Minds

A public awareness program highlighting simple steps that can be taken to foster necessary brain development during a child’s first 12 months. See Case Study »

Caron Treatment Centers

Caron has 50-plus years of experience touching thousands of lives. In fact, they have helped put more individuals in recovery each year than the country’s best-known drug and alcohol rehab clinics. As a new brand to the Texas market, Caron needed to rapidly build awareness. See Case Study »

Children's Health

The Injury Prevention Service division of Children's Health provides the community with helpful information on children safety. See Case Study »

Carondelet Health Network

The Carondelet Health Network needed a new brand identity system and long-term strategic partner to help them promote their multiple medical centers and services in the Tucson area. As part of this healthcare advertising effort, Agency Creative helped launch one of the most advanced neurological facilities in the Southwest. See Case study »

Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists

(TCRS) wanted to give their well-established specialty practice a website and logo that looked and performed as well as their advanced and sophisticated colorectal treatments. See Case Study »

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"We are always confident that Agency Creative will  produce amazing work with great results."

Stephen Love
President & CEO of DFWHC

"We feel fortunate to have the Agency Creative talent and passion behind our healthcare brand."

Nancy Bowman
Executive Director, Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists

Healthcare Consolidation & Why Healthcare Marketers Should Give a Damn

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Healthcare consolidation has shifted the business model and placed a heavier emphasis on value-based performance across the continuum of care...

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Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies that Pay Off

A wise man once observed, “If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” Change is good. And digital marketing strategies for healthcare have...

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DFW Hospital Council 

Foundation »

Methodist Southlake ER »

Growing Little Minds »

Caron Treatment Centers »

Carondelet Health Network »

Stryker »

Texas Colon & Rectal

Specialists »

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View our healthcare work

Finding the Right Balance Between Proactive and Reactive Healthcare Marketing

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Building a ‘Fan Factory’ from Positive Patient Outcomes

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Stryker is an innovative medical device maker. The company, whose products and technology impact operating rooms in more than 100 countries wanted to build a stronger connection between the world’s leading neurosurgeons and their new corporate identity. See Case Study »


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We make healthcare personal

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Healthcare marketing is reactive by nature. People don’t search symptoms until they have them or look for emergency care until they need it. But that’s...

If you bottled the immediate anxiety from Healthcare marketing professionals over the mere thought of building a Patient Testimonial Program...

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Finding the Right Balance Between Proactive and Reactive Healthcare Marketing

Building a ‘Fan Factory’ from Positive Patient Outcomes

Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies that Pay Off

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Healthcare Consolidation & Why Healthcare Marketers Should Give a Damn