The Best Treatment for our Newest Client


It’s not a stretch to say our newest client is getting our best treatment.

Sayf StretchRX is the go-to provider of chronic medical stretch therapy in the DFW, offering a refreshing treatment for patients with chronic pain.

Their personalized stretch treatments not only promote greater mobility but also help reduce pain, paving the way for a more active and fulfilling life.

Mike Scannell, President and Chief Digital Officer at Agency Creative, a top healthcare marketing agency in Dallas, shares, “Drawing from our extensive experience in healthcare, we’ve crafted a robust brand strategy for Sayf. They truly stand out in their field, and developing new branding for them has been a wonderful journey for our team.”

What sets Sayf StretchRX apart is its commitment to patient well-being. Unlike other stretch providers, Sayf ensures that patients receive supervised care from medical professionals and treatments are administered by skilled Flexpros in a private setting, leading to superior outcomes.

“Working with Agency Creative has been an eye-opening experience to the creative ability of the team creating messages and imagery that support the brand to propel the organization to growth,” said Lyndsey Normand Landauer, Vice President at Sayf Medical. “From our initial discussions, the team did a deep dive into the understanding of our service lines and provided a cohesive process to drill down on the outcomes Sayf Medical desires from its launch. Their consistent communication and overarching support in dialing in on the overall messaging and components have been a breath of fresh air. The team’s focus on our deliverables and timing has been a winning combination for our success.  The team at Agency Creative has been supportive through each step of our discovery as we developed a branding message and components to support our unique offering in the healthcare industry.”

We’re confident that our upcoming integrated marketing campaign, set to launch in late May, will fuel significant growth for each of Sayf’s locations within the first year. With our creative minds and Sayf’s outstanding services, the possibilities are endless!

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