12 Tips for Building Backlinks


Every website can benefit from a little extra link juice. Here are 12 tips to building backlinks:

  1. Compose list posts. Folks love to share list posts. This shopworn technique is an easy way to build backlinks quickly. Give the article a clear keyword-rich title like: 12 Tips for Building Backlinks and you are home free. Um…wait!
  2. Ego baiting. Create posts that mention big names in your industry.  Appealing to industry leaders’ egos is always a good bet. By writing these praise-laden posts these big cheeses will want to link back to your site. Remember, everybody appreciates a compliment.  Particularly, that Dallas advertising genius, Stan Richards.
  3. Infographics rule! Just like “list” posts, people are all about sharing anything with a cool chart.  Infographics tend to be shared more often than other web-generated content. And that means instant backlinks. Example.
  4. Stir up controversy with your posts.  Sort of like that last link. What were we thinking? We’ve just alienated half our readers. Oh, well. There’s nothing new about this technique. People love to argue and get all snarky online. The result? Your edgy, controversial posts will be linked to far and wide. (And they may burn your house down.)
  5. How-to instructographics. Instructographics, like infographics, displays helpful “how to” information in graphically arresting ways.  Here are a few samples
  6. Thought leadership. Be the first to do a blog post on a new trend. Being a “first mover” in your industry gives you both street cred and beaucoup backlinks.
  7. Crank out the “how to” posts.  If you create content that solves peoples’ problems, chances are your posts will frequently get linked back to.
  8. Live blogging. Live blogs provide extra value and immediacy for readers. This typically results in greater interest and more backlinks.
  9. Interviews.  Industry roundtables or one-on-one interviews are great for backlinks. When you conduct interviews with industry authorities, you’re able to leverage both your regular readers and your interviewees’ followers for backlinks.
  10. Debunk myths. Every industry has its share of urban myths. Fact-check them, defang them or simply refute them as a matter of opinion. Debunking myths is a strategy that’s tends to get folks attention. 
  11. FAQ posts.  For the same reason that “how to” work as great linkbait, you’ll find that FAQ posts can build links as it also dispenses answers and info.
  12. Leverage a holiday or event. Tailoring posts around national holidays, the death of a visionary and other events can help your site to earn traffic. It can also create backlinks from priority positioning in Google’s fresh results.


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