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Agency Who?

Agency Creative is an integrated branding agency dedicated to creating genuine connections between our clients and their constituents. We were founded in 1994 as a full-service marketing and advertising agency. Today, we consist of a dedicated and seasoned team of 25 strategic marketing professionals who are passionate about obtaining results for our clients.

Our collective experience has spanned the globe, having launched hundreds of campaigns for B2B and B2C companies and non-profit organizations. Our best-in-class RADAR campaign tracking provides clients with unmatched transparency and real-time results.

Shifting Consumer Thinking

Our powerful campaigns cut through the clutter and shift both consumer thinking and behavior. Plus, we deliver big-agency thinking at far lower costs. We achieve this through our unique collaborative process, attentive account service, adaptable structure, direct involvement of the agency’s principals, collaborative and agile teams, and creative-driven thinking. This enables us to get to the heart of an organization’s mission by breaking down its attributes and characteristics and immersing ourselves in all aspects—all of which is designed to uncover the winning insight.

Our job is to find the point of difference relative to how a brand is best positioned, marketed and perceived. This unique ability is fundamental to everything we do, and it is what ultimately helps our clients connect to their audience.

Our Story

Advertising Agencies in Dallas

Mark Wyatt, our founder, launched Agency Creative in 1994 to be a different kind of ad agency. One that focused on their clients’ business goals, not just winning awards. One where people worked as collaborative teams, not competitive tribes. Expand »

Advertising Agencies in Dallas

More than a traditional agency or a digital agency, it was designed to be a holistic agency, delivering integrated solutions that connect customers to products, services and ideas. Originally called The Wyatt Group, the agency changed its name to Agency Creative. But one thing hasn’t changed––our passion for each client’s success. Collapse »

Our Culture

Advertising Agencies in Dallas

Agency Creative is an ego-free zone that fosters creativity in every department. The rules are simple: work hard, play hard, flame up, but never flame out. More »

Our Process

Strategy doesn’t happen in a vacuum. At Agency Creative every brand strategy begins with a deep dive into your business, your brand, and your customer’s psyche. We call this process Combustion. Take a moment to meet our team and view how our Combustion process works by clicking the video below. More »

Advertising Agencies in Dallas

Our Brands

Agency Creative wants to be your branding agency. We have years of experience, truckloads of talent and a bottomless supply of enthusiasm.

Advertising Agencies in Dallas - TGI Fridays
Advertising Agencies in Dallas - Kim Bariatric Institute
Children's Health
TD Industries

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Our Team

Meet the Agency Creative team. Get to know one of the best Dallas ad agencies around. Read our bios. Review our experience. Feel our passion. More »

Advertising Agencies in Dallas

Co-Founder of the North American Marketing Alliance


Agency Creative is one of eight founding members that make up a coalition of independent agencies in the U.S. and Canada. We trade insight, redefine age-old adages, and support one another to work better, faster and stronger, together. As a member of NAMA our clients benefit from the specialized marketing services, insights, and buying efficiencies of eight agencies. It’s global synergy with a local touchpoint. Check Out NAMA.

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Agency Creative wants to be your marketing agency. We have years of experience, truckloads of talent and a bottomless supply of enthusiasm. Contact us today.

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I Own IT

I Own It

We have created a passionate culture of committed ownership, where each and every employee is responsible for the quality of our service, partnership and creative product. Expand »

Each Agency Creative employee
espouses 6 simple propositions:

I know my client and their business

Because clients deserve more than vendors, they deserve partners

I strive for excellence

Because no brand ever achieved greatness by doing things halfway

I do the right thing

Because a little extra effort can yield big returns

I take a second look

Because high standards require vigilance

I manage expectations

Because clients are rarely mind readers

I expect to make a fair profit

Because no one should lose in a true partnership

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Beyond Profit

At Agency Creative, we do our share of giving back to the community and world through non-profit advertising. If you’re passionate about a certain cause, give us a call. We might just want to share your passion.


Agency Creative Hires Bart Hirneise as Executive Creative Director

A Partnership Thirteen Years in the Making

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Thirteen years ago, an up-and-coming copywriter named Bart Hirneise was freelancing at Agency Creative. Recently on the market and looking for his next opportunity, Bart liked the vibe of the agency, the clients and, in particular, the CEO, Mark Wyatt. The two quickly formed a bond around their straightforward, no-bull approach to producing great creative.

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How Being Emotional is Good for Brands

Identifying Your Brand’s Emotional Selling Point

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The founder of Revlon cosmetics, Charles Revson, understood marketing better than most. “In the factories we make perfume,” he once said, “but in the stores we sell hope.” Revson understood the difference between a brand’s unique selling point and its emotional selling point (ESP).
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Agency Creative wants to be your marketing agency. We have years of experience, truckloads of talent and a bottomless supply of enthusiasm. Contact us today.

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