4 Mobile Marketing Trends to Transform Your Business


Remember the big, bulky Yellow Pages that used to sit on your desk? Yep. Neither do I. Today’s mobile devices have morphed to become the Yellow Pages, the shopping center and the mail-order catalog – all rolled into one.
These clever devices have become the tools of choice for people to shop for products, purchase services and contribute to important causes. That is why a forward-thinking mobile marketing strategy is so vital to today’s successful businesses.

Here are a few trends that will impact your business’ marketing opportunities in 2015.

Trend 1: The internet of things
Tech Crunch predicts that by the end of 2015, 4.9 billion “things” across the planet will be connected to the web. In other words, between our tablets, smartphones, laptops, wearable tech, Google Glass, automobiles, thermostats, kids’ toys and some surgically implanted end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it cyberchip thingy, the world will be sending and receiving vast amounts of data across the Internet. Kind of amazing. Right?

Trend 2: Mobile money
Propelled by the one demographic group that is outspending all others online––the Millennials ––mobile payment is expected to get real traction in 2015. Apple Pay will likely succeed where Google Wallet faltered due to the fact that so many of its customers already have their credit card details on their iTunes accounts. Mobile wallets could become the new “plastic.”

Trend 3: Proximity technology
Near-field technologies are perking up all over to create a viable platform for mobile marketing campaigns. As businesses are able to “follow” consumers through available proximity data, they can target relevant messaging right to their customers’ mobile devices. Through the combination of connected data sets and sophisticated content marketing programs, businesses will be able to interact with customers in real time, all day long.


Trend 4: Increasing mobile spends
Last year, mobile e-commerce site visits actually overtook traditional desktop e-commerce visits. Sophisticated media-buying software is beginning to replace traditional human brainpower. Programmatic mobile ad buying is anticipated to increase more than 70 percent in the next couple of years alone.

Mobile is now impacting how high a company ranks on the various search engines. Google is already making a site’s mobile-friendliness a significant part of its ranking formulations. With these sorts of transformative mobile trends the businesses that are slow to adapt to this mobile sea change will be at a definite disadvantage.

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