A Beautiful Day in the Social Media Neighborhood


Localized social media is an emerging trend. It puts social media to work, literally in your backyard, your front yard, and on your neighbor’s side porch. Its something called “Nextdoor. Think of it as a localized Facebook for your neighborhood. Add in the practical utility of Craigslist and the efficiency of email and you’re there.

As easy as borrowing the neighbor’s lawn mower

Advertise a garage sale

Plan a block party

Write a review for the new taco joint

Notify folks about break-ins and muggings

Look for your lost iguana

As private as drawing your blinds

Only your neighbors can see what’s shared

Each neighbor has to verify his address

Password protected

No spamming

Think of the possibilities! Use Nextdoor to find a babysitter or ask about Texas oak wilt. You can organize a car pool or plan a Fourth of July parade. The city of Richardson, Texas is using Nextdoor to better connect their police force with the citizens they serve. They are posting crime alerts, safety tips and neighborhood watch info. And although Nextdoor promises not to sell their list, cross their heart and hope to die, there’s nothing to say that business can’t use this as a tool to geo target their customers and prospects and generate new leads. After all, getting social media to work around the corner as effectively as it does around the country is what digital marketing is all about, whether you are selling airline tickets or just a used unicycle. 


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