A Digital Marketing Firm’s New Year Resolutions


As an integrated digital marketing firm we’ve seen a lot of changes over the past year. New Google algorithms, bigger smart phones, smaller iPads, a presidential election where landlines and mobile devices went head to head, and a year when mobile devices began to overtake desktop computers. So while the digital Cassandras make daring 2013 prognostications and trendy creative boutiques forecast the hottest color, we would simply like to share some of our digital marketing firm’s New Year’s resolutions.

1.     This year we will approach digital marketing strategy differently

Rather than seeing our digital marketing strategy as a subset of an overall marketing approach, we recognize it as the tip of the arrow. Digital strategy cannot be seen as an adjunct to a television plan or a radio campaign. The mobile device is where more and more people go to shop, research and buy.

2.     This year we will design websites differently

Rather than seeing a mobile site as a nice to have or an add-on, we will see it as the starting point to every new website we launch.

3.     This year we will embrace the Penguin

Link building is changing. Rather than focusing on having more links, we will focus on having a small number of high-authority, quality links. We will spend more time removing bad links than adding new ones.

4.     This year we won’t allow the allure of the “new” to turn our pretty heads

It is easy to be caught up laying track in front of that ongoing digital train. But we can’t lose sight of our marketing basics. Being a digital marketing firm is not about ringing all the new bells and blowing all the new whistles. It’s not about up-selling clients to something exotic and novel. It’s about the fundamental metrics of conversion. Marketing has always been a form of evangelism and if you aren’t making converts, you aren’t marketing.


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