Is TV Everywhere changing how people watch television?


In 2009, Time Warner Cable introduced the concept of TV Everywhere––a model that allowed subscribers to access television content across multiple platforms. Since that time TV viewing habits have seen a dramatic shift.

The previously held assumption that phones and tablets are suitable only for short form content is being seriously rethought. According to an Adobe research study, mobile device TV viewing is growing in both frequency and duration. In the U.S., smartphones and tablets now account for a quarter of online video consumption, with a 57 percent share growth year over year. The number of TV Everywhere videos watched each month via Android apps have grown from 3.9 in Q1 2013 to 9.6 in Q1 of 2014. Meanwhile iOS apps now surpasses web browsers as the most popular TV access tool, representing a 43 percent market share. A large percentage of TV Everywhere use can be attributed to children––with more than 80 percent of authenticated child-directed content being viewed with iOS apps.


Another recent study conducted by the NPD Group indicates that 3 out of 4 homes now have a cable subscription and 25 percent of these use TV Everywhere services on a monthly basis. 90 of those that use TV Everywhere report they are satisfied with the experience.
So how do marketers retool for this brave, new omni-channel world? Here are some ideas.

First of all, today’s marketer needs to remember that their TV commercials are going to be viewed on everything from a 65-inch Sony to a 5-inch iPhone. Simplify your graphics and messaging to work on the smaller viewing screen.

Next, somebody needs to find a way to leverage the geo location capabilities of the mobile device. What if there was a way to serve up TV spots based on a viewer’s proximity to a store location? Say, for instance, I am viewing an episode of the Daily Show on my smart phone a mile away from a Papa John’s Pizza. What if the cable provider could serve up a Papa John’s commercial from their inventory that not only talks about free home delivery but gives me a clickable local phone number. I could tap on my phone, order a pizza, then go back to my show. How great would that be?

Personalizing media to fit our interests, location and need states is something that is not only possible, it is essential in this new omni-channel landscape. If you are a marketer looking for a fresh take on your branding, give us a toll-free call at 866.642.7559.

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