Salience TMS Neuro Solutions (formerly TMS Neuro Solutions) is the largest provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Texas. TMS is an FDA approved, safe and effective treatment that uses MRI strength pulses to treat the cause of mood disorders like depression. Having performed over 80,000 treatments, with a 75% positive response rate and 55% remission rate, Salience is on a mission to reverse the suicide epidemic in the U.S. by fixing the delivery of behavioral health.


Even with such life-changing technology, helping Salience fulfill its mission would not be easy. There is low awareness of TMS Therapy and its benefits among doctors and patients. Doctors can be skeptical of an alternative therapy and resistant to move away from prescribing anti-depressants. And perhaps the biggest challenge, insurance requires patients to verify 2+ rounds of ineffective medications before covering TMS therapy.


To overcome these barriers, we knew we had to make this complicated technology approachable and memorable for both patients and physicians. Through our Chemistry process, we broke through the fog of depression treatments and got to what really matters most, reconnecting patients back to life.

With a new name (Salience pays homage to the neural network behind the science, the Salience Network) and full brand ID, plus a fully integrated campaign to roll it out, Agency Creative is helping Salience TMS Neuro Solutions harness this rare and unique opportunity to change lives for the better.


The Salience launch was met with rave reviews from employees. Agency Creative assisted in the internal launch of the new brand, helping the team clearly understand the mission and the need to elevate the brand. The new campaign is still in its infancy, but the numbers are already putting Agency Creative and our client in a positive mood.

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