10 Reasons to Outsource Marketing


10 Compelling Reasons to Outsource Marketing

If you are a small to mid-sized company, you know effective marketing is essential to your brand’s long-term success. This is why most successful companies engage the services of an outside marketing group. If this is something you are considering, Agency Creative would like to point out 10 key advantages to outsource marketing for our company’s needs.

1. Greater Efficiency

Outsourcing your marketing saves you time and allows you to focus on your product’s quality, customer satisfaction, profitability, distribution, and a thousand other daily headaches. Want to shorten that lengthy to-do list? Want to get more hours in your day? Outsource your marketing to an expert. That’s what Ferrini Boots did. The results? 15% increase in sales.

2. Improved Speed

Want to speed up your success? Let an outside marketing agency take the wheel. They offer you the advantage of being more in touch with relevant trends, state-of-the-art technologies, and changing customer attitudes. This insight and expertise enables them to quickly implement an action plan, improve brand awareness, and provide greater ROI.

3. Cost Reductions

Staffing a business is pricey. Plus, it can take weeks or even months to fill that open position. And the time to train an employee could take a couple weeks or even 1-2 months depending on the nature of the position. Little wonder that smaller to mid-sized businesses see significant cost savings by going with an outside marketing agency.

4. Fresh Eyes

When a business outsources their marketing, they get a fresh perspective on their brand, the competition, the evolving marketplace, as well as an awareness of unforeseen opportunities.  A professional marketing agency can bring new insights to the table that can ultimately expand your slice of the market share pie. Take a moment to see how looking at a brand with fresh eyes produced delicious results for our client Liquid Smoke.

5. Better Resource Allocation

Outsourcing marketing allows fledgling organizations to better deploy internal resources to where they are most needed. Your core business remains your #1 priority while you can rest assured your marketing is in qualified hands. Resource allocation is particularly challenging for volunteer-driven organizations. That’s why a DFW charity dedicated to overcoming illiteracy turned to the marketing skill of Agency Creative.

6. Improved Project Bandwidth

Even if your business already has an in-house marketing team of graphic designers, digital artists, and so forth, chances are they stay busy executing the day-to-day tasks. Implementing market research, launching a new website, redesigning logos, etc., simply require more manpower and specialization. An outside marketing agency provides that flexibility.

7. Specialized Assistance

Another advantage of engaging an outside marketing resource is specialization. Some marketing groups focus exclusively on web design. Others focus exclusively on logo and trademark development. Still others focus on social media. This specialization is valuable when the marketing project is tightly focused, but the downside is your messaging can begin to splinter if you are not careful. A full-service marketing agency offers the same specialized skills, but with better continuity and coordination. Agency Creative offers expertise in web development, digital marketing, radio/television, and social media. All of which we brought together in this integrated campaign helping our community fight outbreaks of C-Diff in DFW.

8. Focused, Strategic Thinking

An outsourced marketing agency offers your business more than just creative solutions – they give your brand the benefit of seasoned, strategic thinkers. This reliance on strategic problem solving ensures that your marketing message is the right one, at the right place and time. Here at Agency Creative, our marketing gurus help clients and consumers connect through a strategic planning process we call Chemistry.

9. Extensive Analytics

An outsourced marketing partner can provide you with ongoing oversight and analytics that show what is working and what isn’t. This provides for mid-course corrections and ensures that your money and time is not being wasted. And best of all, Agency Creative offers our clients a proprietary RADAR dashboard so they can view campaign results in real time.

10. Increased Leads

Do you choose to simply do what you have always done? Then nothing will ever change. By engaging an outside marketing and branding agency you will not only get fresh thinking, but you will also expand your brand’s reach and generate more leads. Take a look at how Agency Creative expanded the influence and generated leads for Million Air Dallas.

Looking for a marketing agency with decades of creative savvy, strategic acumen, and down-to-earth authenticity? Agency Creative sounds like the answer. Connect with us, today.