Crank Up Your Radio Advertising

Mark Wyatt
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Does radio advertising actually work? The answer is a simple one: it depends.

Some radio ads are catchy. Some radio ads are just annoying. Some are entertaining, but have no call to action. Some have a clear call to action but fade anonymously into the dashboard.

And then there are those pesky car radio buttons.

These days, the radio buttons are right at the drivers’ fingertips, mounted on the steering wheel. So even though rush-hour travelers seem like a captured audience, they can shuffle the radio dial faster than a TV remote control.

So here are five helpful tips on developing effective radio advertising.

1. Understand your target audience. Know their need states, their habits, personal likes, and, most importantly, dislikes. The message must resonate and strike a cord to break through the clutter.

2. Be original. Whether using humor, a jingle or an interesting story, you must entertain them enough for them to be willing to listen to it time and time again. Thus, creating enough frequency to have them respond to the call-to-action.

3. Be brand appropriate. Don’t do a funny radio ad just because your CEO likes funny radio ads. Is the tone of your brand sincere? Then sound sincere. Is the personality of your business down home? Then give the radio talent a bit of twang. Make sure your radio advertising builds on the rest of your advertising efforts.


4. Don’t be cheap. Even in this world of user-generated content, your listeners can tell the difference between shoddy and professional production value. A poorly produced radio commercial can instantly cheapen your brand. Why have the station DJ bang out some slap-dash, one-take radio spot when for a small investment you can produce something of quality? Hire professional voice talent and use a professional studio and sound designer. It really doesn’t cost that much to produce a quality product.

5. Assign metrics. Measure the performance of the campaign. If you don’t, you will never learn what worked and what didn’t. There are a number of metrics to choose from. Incorporate dedicated phone numbers, call monitoring, online landing pages or promotional offers. Always measure! Continue what is working, dispense with what is not.

Radio advertising has proven to be an effective medium for many of our clients, particularly when used in conjunction with outdoor advertising. So there you go! Get out there and cut through the clutter with radio advertising that gets noticed. And even better, gets the phone ringing off the hook.

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