How Google+ can Plus your Website SEO

Are you still spending all your social media energy on Facebook? It’s where all of our friends are, right? We get it. But here is why your brand needs to pay homage to Google+: it’s first name is Google. And being tight with Google can radically impact your website SEO.

Google+ Accounts Rank Higher

Sure, it isn’t fair. But get over it. The fact is Google has a bias towards its homegrown social media platform. A Google+ account is more likely to show up at the top of a search on Google than a Facebook account. Funny how that happens.

Contextual Information is Key

There is a lot of website SEO juice potential in your Google+ content. Make sure your information is rich in keywords and that it is all relevant stuff. If your site sells widgets, then mention widgets a bunch. Talk widgets, not baseball. The more relevant your page, the better it will rank.

Google-Related Activities Make A Difference

The better integrated your Google+ page is with other Google entities like YouTube and Google Places, the better the SEO value. Consider ways you can up your Google-related activities. It will help your site gain SEO buoyancy.

Google+ Makes Link-building Work Harder

Link building is a tried and true means of improving website SEO. Using the Google+ social media site actually makes link building easier. When you share posts, just include a link. Cool, huh?

Increase Your Web Footprint

The larger the website the better the search engine results, as a general rule. By developing a robust Google+ account you actually increase your digital footprint and improve your changes of ranking higher in a Google search.

So what are you waiting for? Put these Google+ tips to work today and watch your SEO start to climb the charts.

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