Winning big for our Clients


Agencies and clients alike generally view advertising awards as validation of the work, a retention and recruitment tool, and a way for agencies to move the dial on the business development engine.

Through all of this award show posturing, the central ethos and standards remain the same. As proclaimed by David Ogilvy eons ago, the maxim still stands that “if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” And the man knew of what he spoke.

Our raison d’être as marketers is to provide the appropriate information to a consumer so that a transaction is made to benefit our clients. At the end of the day, we’re here to make our clients famous. Period.

Of course, the eternal struggle to this end is one of balance. Meaning, giving them what they want, but tempering that with giving them what they need.

At Agency Creative, we go through a rigorous methodology to ensure that our clients make authentic connections with their audience. This is no mean feat. Through analytics, strategy and good old-fashioned due diligence, we do the leg work that makes our clients stand out in their respective categories. This is neither easy nor routine. As we like to make clear during the arduous process and late nights, “nothing great is ever easy.”

And therein lies the gratification that we derive from a well-planned and flawlessly executed campaign on behalf of our clients.

We were humbly gratified last month when our work for Omni Logistics was honored with the vaunted Platinum MarCom Award. In addition, our client The Green Chile Food Company landed a Gold MarCom Award for our work. Finally, our campaign for a truly innovative client, Salience TMS Neuro Solutions, won a Gold MarCom Award. These advertising awards only further reinforce our dedication to advancing each of our clients’ businesses.

Or as David Ogilvy aptly stated, “. . . The work sells, or it isn’t creative.”

When creative is in your DNA and in your last name (literally), the work truly is its own reward.

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