Much Ado About Apps

Hybrid and Native Apps - Which are Right for You? | Piping Fresh Blog

Before we jump right into the down-and-dirty details of app development, let’s dip our toes into why subjects like this are so important. We need to focus on mobile usability in general first. Let’s face it, mobile devices are ubiquitous and deeply personal. People’s phones have become their constant companion and first point of connection […]

Hide Your Keys, Hide Your Wifi: Better Internet Security for WordPress

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In the wake of the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, cyber security is at the top of everyone’s mind. The computer virus, dubbed “WannaCry” by its black hat programmers, ended up encrypting data on over 230,000 computers and holding the data in return for a ransom, and it left many businesses and individuals wondering how to […]

Hackers Beware! How to Upsize Your Website Security

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Let’s set the stage: your brand new website is up and running, you’ve chosen a great web host (based on our last article), and you’re ready to make that ever-important first post on Facebook. Just as you’re about to click ‘Post’, you check your website one more time just to make sure everything is perfect […]

What’s a website host and why should I care?

What's a Website Host and Why Should I Care? - Piping Fresh Blog

As average internet users, most of us probably don’t think about what happens behind the scenes of the websites that we visit on a daily basis. Isn’t that why we have IT departments and nerdy friends? But as technology expands, so does its influence on our day-to-day lives.