20 Must-See Christmas Movies


The holidays are a time full of family, tradition and holiday cheer. What makes this time of year so sweet is reminiscing about years past, upholding holiday traditions, and adding to the memories. One holiday tradition for many is watching the same Christmas movies each year. While some new movies are released during the holidays, most people have their go-to classic favorites.

People wait all year long for the much anticipated ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, new movie releases and being able to dust off the ol’ DVDs (R.I.P VHS tapes) that have been tucked away for the past 365 days. And there is no doubt that a slew of memories are associated with watching these films. Agency Creative took a vote and has complied our list of the most popular Christmas movies to bring you our version of 20 Christmas Movies You Must Watch Before the 25th, in no particular order I might add.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
First up, we have National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This hilarious Christmas classic is the epitome of a great Christmas movie. If you’re looking for a good laugh, this one will make your belly ache.


Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas
This Christmas flick is guaranteed to get the Grinch of your family in the holiday spirit. You can’t help but fall in love with Cindy Lou Who’s warm spirit as she tries to rescue Mr. Grinch and bring him back to Whoville. Also, who doesn’t want to live in Whoville?!


The Santa Clause
Tim Allen does a fantastic job as Mr. Claus in this Christmas movie series. It is a fantasy family comedy-drama that makes you feel like a kid again. And if you were hoping for a sequel, you’re in luck…there’s two!


Bad Santa
Billy Bob Thornton is definitely on the naughty list in this hilarious film. If you’re tired of all the family-focused holiday films, this one is guaranteed to spice things up.

BadSanta copy

A Christmas Story
Easily on the list for best Christmas movies, this timeless Christmas movie classic is one we can all say we’ve learned a valuable life lesson from. For example, don’t stick your tongue on a frozen light pole. Also, we can’t deny we can quote at least one line.


The Family Stone
First and foremost, the cast alone makes this Christmas movie a must-see. This comedy-drama is not only funny, it is easily relatable.


Home Alone
This is the one movie that made every kid want their parents to forget about them. This film is guaranteed to still make you laugh and wish you were Kevin McCallister. And if you don’t like the original, there are three sequels to try out.


Once again, Will Farrell is hilarious as Buddy the elf. You can’t help but laugh like a kid as Buddy travels to New York on the quest to find his dad. “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”


The Holiday
This great holiday movie combines romcom humor with the spirit of giving. It’s also really hard not to wish you could trade places with Cameron Diaz or Kate Winslet.


The Nightmare Before Christmas
If you didn’t already watch this Gothic holiday masterpiece film on Halloween, you have another chance to watch it this Christmas. A little spooky, but worth your time.


A Charlie Brown Christmas
Who doesn’t love the Peanuts? This is a nostalgic favorite that will forever be on the list for “best Christmas movies.” It is truly a must-watch every year.


Prancer will bring the holiday spirit of giving into your home this season. The main character’s warm spirit inspires those in the movie and is guaranteed to inspire you, too.


The Polar Express
This movie is the definition of Christmas movies. Also, a great excuse to wear your favorite PJs!


White Christmas
Old movies not your thing? Take a chance on this one. It’s a heartfelt movie that tears at your heartstrings as you sing through classic songs.


Die Hard
If you’re tired of the sappy, sweet Christmas movies, put this one on your watch list. Bruce Willis is a bad ass (can I say that?) Christmas hero in this epic film.


The Bishop’s Wife
This film portrays the magic of Christmas as the main character prays for an angel’s guidance.


Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
The stop-motion effects are what make this movie a must-watch of the season. This sweet film is always easy to catch on TV and nothing says “Christmas” quite like our buddy Rudolph.


Four Christmases
This romantic comedy staring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon shows the struggles a couple has during the holidays trying to visit all of their family members. Hilarious, yet annoyingly relatable.


It’s A Wonderful Life
A truly wonderful Christmas movie, this classic bittersweet comedy/drama shows you how great life can be.


If you’re looking for a unique, mischievous Spielberg comedy, Gremlins is the movie for you. Little monsters terrorize a small town on Christmas Eve with mayhem and destruction. It’ll make you wish you had a little “Gizmo” under the tree this year!


So, grab the popcorn and peppermint bark and prepare for a marathon of the best Christmas movies!

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