5 Important Marketing Trends For 2023


Although we don’t claim to be Nostradamus, Agency Creative would like to dip our toe into 2023 and make a few forecasts on what the year holds for your brand.

1. Video Marketing Content Will Increase

Just a few years ago a brand video required a pricey digital camera rig, lighting package, boom mic, videographer, sound man, and an editor with a sleeve full of tattoos to produce a video. Now we can do most of this with our smart phone (although, lights and a microphone are still advised.) Little wonder that 2023 is forecasted to increase the amount of video content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Vimeo. Why? Statistics tell the story: brands utilizing video content get 66% more qualified leads each year. Plus, they achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness. What sort of things can you post? Tutorials, product demos, live webinars, user reviews, vlogs, animated explainers, and more. If you aren’t utilizing video content to promote your brand, 2023 is the year to begin.

2. User-Generated Content Will Overcome Customer Cynicism

User-generated content is essentially word-of-mouth advertising you can Google—it creates a connection and tells a story through personal recommendations. We predict social media will continue to reshape our news consumption, politics, and marketing. Brands that once relied on traditional media like radio, television, and magazines for their marketing needs are increasingly leveraging user-generated reviews, podcasts, and video unboxings to raise audience engagement. A lot of customers simply don’t trust advertisers, marketers, or businesses. But volunteer reviewers on Facebook, YouTube, and other venues are esteemed to be relatively trustworthy.

3. New Targeting and Re-Targeting Solutions Will Expand

Broadcast TV commercials perform well for brands wanting to cast a wide net and we predict this will continue in 2023. But let’s say you want to reel in quality rather than quantity. For this, focus on ad options that target engagement-based audiences. Engagement-based targeting aims for people who have already interacted with your business. In other words, people that are already further down the sales funnel. Remember, 96% of those seeing a display ad are simply not ready to buy. This target requires more convincing. Therefore, today’s businesses use retargeting to eventually close the deal and make the sell. Geo-targeting continues to be another effective tool. It targets an individual’s device detecting their location and serving up relevant ads. These are just a few essential targeting tricks that we predict will continue to expand in 2023.

4.  Agile Marketing Will Continue to Have a Role

Agile marketing is a fairly recent and economical marketing tactic. As its name suggests, it leverages the talents of highly skilled marketers to collectively identify high-value projects, produce them quickly, circle back, assess, and tweak. This includes having self-organizing, cross-functional teams doing work in frequent iterations with continuous feedback. Look for this new methodology to become more widely recognized and adopted in 2023.

5.  AI’s a Role in Future Trend Casting

Artificial Intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds. We predict Al will play a major role in forecasting industry trends. Why do we say this? Well, because it is already begun. Here are 6 trends that AI predicts for 2023:

  • The continued proliferation of devices on the internet of things.
  • The growth of augmented reality in healthcare.
  • The advancement of drone technology for filming vistas and bombing bad guys.
  • The expansion of 5G networks.
  • The expanded reliance on AI for business decision-making.
  • The growing ubiquity of robotics in everyday life. Thanks for the warning, Alexa.

It’s a brave new world. Embrace it.