Facebook Lead Gen


Facebook Lead Gen

For many of us, Facebook is just another place to post pictures of our pets and to share outrageous memes. But with billions of folks using Facebook every day, this platform has proven itself a terrific place for launching a small business, generating high-quality leads, and making sales. To that end, here are a few Facebook lead gen recommendations to quickly and effectively generate customer leads for your company or brand.

Keep things clear. Lead capture.

Start by making your business proposition crystal clear. What exactly is your audience signing up for? Give them a good reason to hand over their email or contact information to your company. The key benefit of your product or service should be front and center as well as easily digestible.

More than offers. Lead “magnets.”

Now it’s time to come up with an offer that they can’t refuse. A discount code, free trial, newsletter, webinar – there are many options here. By offering your audience exclusive, downloadable content, you have a better than average chance of reeling them in. You’re giving them a chance to participate in a way that is both meaningful and valuable.

Landing pages. Where suspects become prospects.

This is where the magic happens. A/B test your landing pages to maximize your lead acquisitions. Hook your prospects with an effective lead generation form that is prominently displayed. And keep it short and sweet if possible – name, company, email address.

A few taps. A lot of leads.

Keep mobile in mind when designing your forms. These days, over 85% of Facebook interactions take place on a smartphone. Consequently, Facebook now offers Facebook Lead Ads to make filling out forms a breeze. Customers can simply tap your ad and a pre-populated form pops up ready to go.

Triage. How lead scoring works.

If all goes well, your business should quickly see a steady influx of leads. If you don’t have the manpower to respond to all inquiries, prioritize by lead scoring. By scoring your leads, you can assess a prospect’s engagement with your content. Through assigning point values to their interactions, you can move your hottest prospects to the front of the line.

So, there you have it… Facebook lead gen is important. If Facebook is not a key part of your lead generation strategy, you may be left behind. Visit Facebook.com for more ideas to grow your business or connect with an Agency Creative professional.