Google+ Gets a Facelift


Digital marketing firms are beginning to realize that Google+ is more than simply a Facebook wannabe late to the dance. Sure, the new Google+ redesign does seem to perpetuate the notion that Google+ is that girl with poor self-esteem that goes into the med spa asking for Angelina Jolie’s pouty lips and Carey Mulligan’s latest hair color. Granted, the fact that the Google+ facelift borrows heavily from both Facebook and Pinterest is not even in dispute. But here’s the deal: this is Google we’re talking about, gang, and their self-esteem is soundly intact. Most Google-certified digital marketing firms recognize what many of the rest of us miss. It’s not the new three-column layout or bigger photos that make the new Google+ significant. It’s the fact that it’s Google, the 500 pound gorilla that ultimately controls your brand’s website SEO. You can putter around Facebook all you want, but what does it get you? Increased Google+ involvement, on the other hand, will give your site better page rankings on a little search engine that you may have heard of.

So here are a few simple ways to use Google+ to boost your website’s ranking:

1) Optimize Your Profile. Fill out all fields. Write a keyword-rich bio.

2) Connect Your Content. Claim authorship of your content in your Google+ account. Google will use this content in the search engine result. Google tends to put this sort of content on the first page of the result.

3) Increase Your Follower Base. Adding more likes on Facebook will never give you the website SEO juice that adding followers to Google+ will.

4) Update Often. Don’t let your Google+ account or your website grow cobwebs. Google rewards fresh content.

5) Ask for a +1 Shamelessly. Getting your readers to give you a +1 thumbs up will significantly improve your website SEO and increase your viral shares.

Remember, Google+ is social media with an SEO supercharger. Who cares what the new redesign looks like? Google+ will always be beautiful.

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