How to Choose an Advertising Agency?


Are you thinking about adding new services to your existing business, launching a new product, or considering a brand refresh? Maybe your business has outgrown your in-house marketing abilities and you need a helping hand to move your team forward? There is no doubt that the reasons vary, but the decision to choose an advertising agency that’s right for your company is vitally important. For starters, think of it like this, the ad agency you choose will work as an extension of your team. Your relationship and communication should be effortless, and they will have your best interests in mind during their decision-making process.

Here are a few things to mull over when you are ready to choose an advertising agency:

Industry Knowledge & Experience: There are two avenues to consider when you are surveying the knowledge and experience that an ad agency has with your industry. If you are looking for deep categorical knowledge, it’s important to find an agency that has experience in your industry. They will be familiar with your industries’ specific nooks and crannies – the tried and true, nitty gritty if you will. However, you may be looking for a fresh perspective that doesn’t come with any industry bias or limiting creative belief, which may be born from an agency who is a little greener in your particular market. This is when establishing good communication comes into play. Schedule a phone call or meeting to work out the specifics and determine if this is the team that will help move you forward.

Agency Culture: Is the ad agency you are considering collaborative? Are they quick to jump on a project and think outside of the box? It’s been said that when you hire an ad agency you are forming a relationship. Making sure that the agency you select is inventive, proactive, and highly communicative are all important factors to consider. Ask yourself, do you like their vision? Do you align with their philosophies? Do you feel comfortable and confident when you speak with them? Boiled down, do you like them? After all, an ad agency is built around people and you are choosing to trust them with your brand. Would you consider grabbing a coffee with them? Do you think you would enjoy sitting down and chatting with them about interesting projects over a cup of oolong? If the answer is yes that is most likely the right team for you.

Eye-Catching Creativity: Do you find yourself looking at their creative work thinking “oh wow, I wish I would have thought of that” or “sheesh, that is wildly impressive?” Chances are the right agency will have you grinning from ear to ear when it comes to their creative abilities. Consider asking yourself, does their work make a statement? Does it stand out? Is it memorable? If you find yourself answering yes to these questions, you might have found your match!

Think you’ve got it all down now? Ready to choose an advertising agency dream team? It’s no sweat if you still have a flurry of questions. Reaching out to the agency you are considering and talking to them usually does the trick. Boiled down, it’s all about finding a collaborative relationship that feels right and authentic. Remember agency professionals are experts at their craft – they live and breathe advertising! You just have to find the right ones that will teach you how to live and breathe it with them!

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