Is Your Social Media Program Down for the Count?


Today, Facebook boasts more than 800 million users worldwide. Twitter’s latest data indicates that an average of 250 million tweets are posted everyday. Add to that, the fact YouTube is the second biggest search engine, serving up 4 billion videos day-in, day-out. There is no doubt that these are the three dominant players on the Social Media ring. The question is how much is your brand dominating these growing Social Media platforms? Here are five strategies your brand should consider:

1. Feed Your Fans
In Social Media, content is the reigning champ. That’s why your brand needs to serve up interesting, informative, provocative and gut-splitting funny posts. And whatever you serveup needs to be relevant to your fans and followers. Brands like provides daily posts, video links, and fun, interesting pictures on their Facebook page to stimulate conversation, increase likes and provide relevant bowling-related content to viewers.

2. Increase Your Reach
If you aren’t growing fans and followers, your Social Media approach needs an overhaul. Start with a killer Facebook Timeline image. Jackson Kayak asked their fans to submit action photos and encouraged fans to “like” their favorites. The winning photo became their Timeline picture.

3. Increase Your Leads
Lead generation on social channels can’t be heavy-handed. Rather than being pushy or salesy, be fun. Think less like a company and more like a customer. Instead of selling to your prospects, help them solve a problem. Monitor all conversations and respond fairly to any criticisms. This will help grow leads.

4. Engage Your Influencers
Social Media is just word-of-mouth on steroids. Segment your customers by need states. Then engage them with targeted campaigns. Reward your brand ambassadors with deals and coupons. Use tools like Traackr and Klout to identify and convert external influencers.

5. Track Your Metrics
Use all the analytic tools at your disposal to track where your growth is coming from. Analyze which content is working and which is not. Constantly optimize, build and tweak.

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