New Year, New Marketing Trends to Adopt


As we move into 2022, consumers are constantly adapting: from the pandemic to changing recommendations about work and life. Marketing trends embrace these adaptations.

Trend 1: Everyone is online more

  • Focus on ongoing advertising and not just one-time promotions.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Create a good experience for every part of the consumer search.
  • Include ecommerce as a part of every strategy.

Trend 2:  Reach consumers while respecting their privacy

  • Online consumers expect recognition and service.
  • Recognize your customers without third-party cookies, and create personalized ads that acknowledge their loyalty.

Trend 3: Provide various ways to interact in real time

  • Consumers are working from home, ordering online and consuming information in different ways. Give them options:
    • Live chat with bots/and real people, from store employees to influencers.
    • Video that shows how to use a product.
    • Livestreaming on social media, which can also include a link to purchase.
    • Video call that allows for easier access anywhere.

Trend 4: Increase video marketing

Trend 5: Embrace new virtual and interactive experiences.

  • Virtual or augmented reality can enhance customer experiences. An example would be, allowing customers to see how eyeglasses look on their face, or placing items virtually into real living spaces can promote purchases.

Trend 6: Personalized experience.

  • If you’re a global company, let the parent company provide the technology while the local company manages communications locally. Consumers want less clutter in their inboxes and more valuable local information.

Trend 7: Voice search optimization.

  • Consumers don’t want to scroll through irrelevant paid ads and information. Create content that answers people’s questions.

Trend 8: Remember the product is the brand.

  • Marketing is a good product with good features and good interactive options.

Let us know what you think about our 8 Marketing Trends for 2022 and hit us up if you’d like to discuss new ways to market your brand!