Mobile Site Must Haves


The world is getting smarter. Well, at least our phones are. With over 117 million smart phones in use around the world, consumers have the World Wide Web at their fingertips. Today’s consumers love the speed and ease mobile sites provide. With 50% of local searches happening on mobile phones, having a mobile site is becoming a must. Find out if your mobile site has what it takes to hold the attention of your consumers.

  1. Must Prioritize Content: Mobile users not only want sites to load at rapid rates, they want to be able to navigate through it just as quickly. Boil down your content to the most important information to give users the speediest experience possible.
  2. Must Optimize Images and Codes: Speed is no longer a bonus on a mobile phone, but an expectation. Don’t keep users waiting long. Optimize images and codes to make sure your site is loading in five seconds or less.
  3. Must Consider Legibility: Phone screens are very small, so keeping your text large will guarantee legibility. Text should fill the entire screen and users should never have to pinch or zoom to be able to read.
  4. Must Be Thumb-Friendly: Smart phones are navigated with thumbs, so every button should be thumb friendly to let users browse your site with ease. Make buttons large and give a little extra padding around the edges so hitting the wrong button doesn’t happen by mistake.
  5. Must Link to Full Site: A mobile site should always give the user the opportunity to navigate back to the full site, just in case they need to access something that was not included on the mobile version. If this isn’t easy to do, you lose points with your consumers for inconvenience.

In short, the smartest mobile sites are those that have achieved speed and ease. Today’s consumers have shorter attention spans, especially on mobile phones, so meeting their need for speed with fast loading sites and concise content is a must. And by keeping your site thumb-friendly, legible, and including a link to your full site, you let users navigate your site with ease. Keeping it simple guarantees a killer mobile site that is user friendly and engaging. To see an example of all these must-haves in use, check out our new mobile website at

Lindsay Wright is the Junior Art Director at Agency Creative, a full-service strategic advertising agency committed to connecting brands to customers through idea-driven solutions.