Ways to Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy


The B2B marketing cycle is longer and more complicated than B2C, but one thing is true for both: your target audience is still a person. B2B purchasers are also consumers and they’re accustomed to a simpler, more streamlined buying experience. There may be multiple decision-makers but make the purchase easier and you’ve got an advantage. Below are 10 simple ways to improve your B2B marketing strategy.

  1. Connect personally. Be human. There are real people involved in your brand and they should be a part of your storytelling.
  2. Use AI and research to find out what your target audience wants and needs. Buyers’ needs are constantly changing and it’s vital to keep up.
  3. Create content specific to your accounts. Research what the people behind these accounts are looking for and post content aimed specifically at them.
  4. Create multiple videos at different lengths. People want shorter videos unless they’re deeply engaged, and then they’ll watch longer.
    • Live videos are watched more and there are many more comments. As more hybrid live/virtual events take place, there are opportunities to answer questions from the virtual audience as well.
    • C-suite execs like videos, while end users may want more in-depth information in longer content.
  5. Upgrade website retargeting. AI can help identify onsite behavior and serve personalized content to those being retargeted.
  6. Use chatbots and texting. Giving people multiple ways to engage with your business makes the purchasing process easier for any group.
  7. Make website visits easy for everyone. No more gated content or confusing menus. Your website should be easy to view on any device and easy to navigate.
  8. Find your leads on social media. Facebook and Linkedin offer specific industry groups where you can post comments, ask questions, and connect with likeminded industry individuals.
  9. Attend trade shows. Set up meals with prospects in advance, promote your company using the trade show media, host a sponsored events, and follow up with your new connections through email.
  10. Ask if what you are offering is what people want. Survey current and prospective customers on your website or through a third party tool to find out how satisfied they are with your services.

Re-evaluate your B2B marketing strategies regularly and change accordingly. The B2B environment is moving fast, and so should you. Contact us today to help kick start your B2B marketing strategy in the right direction.