Challenge & Solutions

From their humble beginnings in Lubbock TX, Kylito’s had grown their business to include over 4,000 retail locations in 26 states. That said, they wanted to decrease their reliance on trade promotion and create a strong brand personality that would appeal directly to consumers. So, we created a powerful social campaign that positioned the brand as a simple “scratch” salsa with a distinctly homemade taste that is emblematic of the love and care that goes into it. The campaign concept revolved around “anonymous confessions” of people admitting that they lied and took credit for the salsa they didn’t actually make.


Over the first three months, the social campaign reached over 1.2 million people in the DFW and Houston markets. We also engaged nearly 6,500 people relative to likes, shares and comments about the brand. Lastly, we have managed a digital advertising campaign on Walmart’s shopper marketing platform where we’ve realized a Return on Ad Spend of up to 700%!