Bariatric Marketing Case Study: Kim Bariatric Institute
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Bariatric Marketing Case Study: Kim Bariatric Institute

Kim Bariatric Institute was being outspent and out-marketed by their North Texas competitors. They needed a partner who could trim the waste and improve their ROI. Agency Creative knew they had to take it up a notch. The result? An engaging, emotional bariatric marketing campaign that celebrates their patients and communicates the unmatched expertise of Kim Bariatric Institute.

New 2016 Campaign Just Launched

Results will be published at a later date

2014 Campaign

The Agency Creative team has shown an amazing understanding of our brand and our bariatric candidates. This new bariatric marketing campaign has beautifully brought to life the heart and soul of what Kim Bariatric Institute does for our patients.

Dr. David Kim, Founder, Kim Bariatric Institute

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