A “Precise” New Business Win for Agency Creative


Agency Creative is excited to announce our recent new business win of Hauschild SpeedMixer. Hauschild, headquartered in Germany, is well known for manufacturing state-of-the-art speed mixer machines for R&D laboratories around the globe. Having pioneered the technology of bladeless dual asymmetric centrifugal mixers, Hauschild SpeedMixer is the preeminent leader in the category offering products that are precisely tooled for the most consistent and accurate mixing results.

Hauschild has tasked Agency Creative, a leading advertising agency based in Dallas, with revamping their brand image and message, redesigning their website to improve the user experience, and launching a new product marketing campaign for the purpose of increasing lead generation activity within the US market. Agency Creative will be rolling out the new website and campaign in early summer 2021.

“Hauschild SpeedMixer has a powerful brand story to tell, given the unparalleled precision of their machines that deliver the best possible outcomes for their customers,” said Mark Wyatt, Founder and CEO of Agency Creative. “We’re looking forward to bringing their brand to life in similarly powerful and unique ways.”

Since the partnership began, Agency Creative has developed a strategic brand positioning, new product marketing campaign concepts, and a website audit for Hauschild SpeedMixer. Agency Creative is now in the process of developing an integrated product marketing campaign including digital, social, tradeshow and other mediums.

“It was evident that Agency Creative possessed the kind of strategic thinking that we needed to effectively penetrate the US market, grow our online footprint, and attract new customers,” said Hauschild SpeedMixer owner Mareike Boccola. “We’re very much looking forward to seeing our brand come to life in new and ‘precise’ ways in 2021.”

Precisely! We’re equally looking forward to telling Hauschild SpeedMixer’s brand story in a unique and powerful way!