Agency Creative Brings Home Advertising Award for TGI Fridays


Agency Creative is pleased to announce the winning of another prestigious Davey advertising award. This year, the agency brought home the gold for client TGI Fridays™ International.

The Davey Awards is a competition dedicated for the “Davids” of the advertising world––those who don’t always have Goliath-sized budgets at their disposal. This particular gold Davey advertising award was received for best restaurant website.

“We are proud of the advertising award and equally proud of the launch of this international website,” said Agency Creative president, Mark Wyatt. “It was a big challenge. The site had to be able to work in 60+ countries for almost 400 locations.”

The responsive design website was developed to perform on everything from mobile devices to desktop computers. This has become a best practice of the agency for every new site developed.

“By taking the extra time to make the Fridays site responsive, our team can deliver one optimized website that performs seamlessly from desktop to tablet to smartphone,” explained Mike Scannell, Agency Creative Director of Digital Services. “This is the wave of the future.”

Because the Fridays website needs to be customizable and adapted market by market, the agency developed the site in open source code on a WordPress platform.

“The WordPress developmental community is vast,” continued Agency Creative’s Scannell. “You can find scores of WordPress developers in places like Mumbai, Singapore and Mexico City. It is practically the Esperanto of the developmental world.”

The new Fridays website is just part of an integrated marketing and promotion campaign kicked off last month at the GBC conference in Orlando.

“Agency Creative has proven an outstanding partner in helping us launch a new website, new menu designs and new promotions for 2014 and beyond,” said Mimi Keller, Fridays International Director of Marketing Communications, recently returned from the industry conference. “They are simply the best!”