Agency Creative increases Janie’s Cakes holiday sales


Janie’s Cakes has always done a solid business during the holidays, but the dough is rising in more ways than one!

Janie’s Cakes is primarily a mail-order business that delivers all-natural pound cakes right to the customer’s doorstep. During the holidays Janie’s Cakes are frequently mailed to loved ones as gifts.

Two years ago, Janie’s Cakes founder, Janie Clapp, wanted to see if an outside marketing resource could improve her holiday cake sales.

She contacted an acquaintance in the marketing field. That individual recommended Agency Creative. Since that time, Agency Creative has been busy implementing an integrated digital strategy that includes seasonal campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, social ads and digital ads.

To date, holiday initiatives have been developed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. This past year, a general promotion pay-per-click campaign was added to the mix.

“We have been very pleased with the results,” said Mike Scannell, president and chief digital officer for Agency Creative, “However, we are constantly tweaking things to better optimize the ROI.”

One of the main strategies that enabled Agency Creative to continuously tweak and optimize the campaign was the development of the Janie’s Cakes eCommerce website using the WooCommerce platform. Using WooCommerce, Agency Creative successfully optimized the checkout process and ordering flow on the website to maximize engagement and end user purchases.

The integrated digital strategy’s Christmas campaign delivered a 49.2 percent ROI and the general pound cake campaign had a 16 percent return.

“Partnering with Agency Creative is helping us expand our online mail-order business nationwide,” said Clapp. “It’s definitely one of the sweetest business decisions we have ever made.”