Dallas Ad Agency Launches Campaign for PerfectSmilesforLess.com


Agency Creative has just launched a new integrated campaign for PerfectSmilesforLess.com. The campaign consists of a thirty-second television spot directing users to a lead-generation website.

The TV commercial features a custom song composed by a local Dallas musician designed to stand out from the clutter of other advertising.

PerfectSmilesForLess.com is a promotional concept for Advanced Dentistry, a North Texas full-service dental practice specializing in dental implants at below-market prices. Dr. Darian Kaar, founder of Advanced Dentistry, has been certified by the American College of Prosthodontics, the American Dental Association, the International College of Oral Implantologists and the American Board of Prosthodontics.

PerfectSmilesForLess.com represents the expansion of a business model Dr. Kaar successfully launched in the Austin market. The website also leverages the perfect smiles that Dr. Kaar has created, using striking before-and-after photography as well as patient testimonials.

“Because the practice is privately held and possesses its own in-house lab, PerfectSmilesforLess.com and Advanced Dentistry are able to provide dental implants for about half the price of its leading competitors,” stated Mark Wyatt, founder and CEO of Agency Creative.

“Dr. Kaar’s before-and-after photographs of patients are truly amazing,” expressed Wyatt. “He and his team are more than skilled dental specialists––they are true artists!”

The fully integrated campaign began its run on June 8.

“The goal of this bright, upbeat campaign is to make Advanced Dentistry stand out from the pack,” said Dr. Kaar.