Agency Creative Promotes International Beer Day for TGI Fridays International


Agency Creative announced today the launch of an integrated, multi-channel marketing program for TGI Fridays International centered around International Beer Day on Friday, August 4, 2017.

This worldwide event celebrates a universal passion for beer in all its flavors and forms. As a global brand with nearly 1,000 restaurants in 60 countries, each serving a wide variety of bottle, draft and craft beers, TGI Fridays is the perfect place to toast International Beer Day.

To promote the event, Agency Creative launched an integrated campaign anchored around a dedicated Facebook page with the message “Beer Lovers of the World Unite.”

The campaign uses teaser elements to build buzz around guests’ affinities for different types of beer. Fun and sharable day-of-the-event messaging encourages guests to head for Fridays to enjoy a beer with their friends. Post-event messaging reminds guests to rest up and get ready for next year.

Delivered primarily via video on social media, digital banners, emails and in-store executions, Agency Creative helped the international markets tie it all together via a comprehensive implementation calendar.

Agency Creative helped TGI Fridays International unite their markets for a more impactful social effort with a comprehensive content calendar detailing the posting schedule and content strategy. Supporting tactics include digital banners, emails, and in-store executions.

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Promoting a true global event like International Beer Day is a perfect fit for the Fridays brand. We are excited to see how guests engage with the brand at the local level as well as at the global level.
Scott Schindele, Account Director, Agency Creative